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7th SUMP Award on multimodality - Greater Manchester

Urban mobility planning
United Kingdom
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First published on 25 March 2019. 

This video features content on Greater Manchester – winner of the 7th SUMP Award on multimodality – showcasing the efforts which have so impressed the expert panel of judges.

The finalists for the award included Basel (Switzerland), Dresden (Germany) and Greater Manchester (United Kingdom), with each taking a different approach to their SUMP implementation. The jury was particularly impressed by:

  • Basel's excellence in the management of cross-border issues (closely located to both Germany and France), as well as Basel's approach to finance and investment
  • Dresden's achievement – exceeded in some cases – of most its SUMP objectives including a decrease in the car modal share
  • Manchester's excellent spatial approach, ambitious modal-share goals and integration of new technologies
  • For more information about the Awards, finalists and winners, see the 7th SUMP Award cities in the spotlight.