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News article20 May 2022Sofia

Youth Championship for Road Safety and Cycling in Sofia, Bulgaria

The first round of the Youth National Championship for Road Safety and Cycling took place in Sofia, Bulgaria, at the sport hall Triaditsa, on 29 and 30 April 2022.

The road safety and cycling event for young people was organised by the Association AK North with the help of SBA-Sofia, the National Palace of Children, the national movement for cycling, the Bulgarian Red Cross, the Road Safety Association, the local traffic Police of the city of Sofia, the Bulgarian Ministry of Education and Science, the Ministry of Youth and Sports, and others.

The event aimed to diffuse knowledge and increase awareness of how to best navigate roads, move and cycle safely and responsibly around cities. In order to better protect themselves and safeguard the others, young people also must be aware of the road traffic rules and respect them.

Nine municipalities participated in the first round of the championship. Each of the nine competing teams had to pass theoretical individual and team tasks. In particular, they were required to solve a quiz and tests on traffic rules and road safety with questions from the Road Traffic Act, and a puzzle with road signs to solve.

In addition, the nine teams were asked to take a theoretical test and take a practical 'exam' showing their first aid skills. The Bulgarian Red-Cross supervised the teams and awarded the team of the Bulgarian Red Cross-Yambol at Sofia University "Lyuben Karavelov" -Yambol the first place in the first aid competition.

The last match required the nine teams to demonstrate they mastered cycling, respecting all road signs, including trails and traffic lights. 

The nine teams’ results from all rounds of the Republic Championship on Road Safety and Cycling for children were collected. The team from the Municipality of Chelopech (Montana province) was awarded as the winner of the entire Championship, followed by the team from Berkovitsa in second place, and the third place went to the team from Etropole, both in the capital region.



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20 May 2022
Safety and urban mobility