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News article29 March 20221 min read

'Yandex Go' service provider to be blocked in Latvia

The Yandex Go mobile application and corresponding mobility service has been blocked in Latvia after the Road Transport Directorate decided that user data is not safe. The Directorate is preparing a request to ensure that all electronic communications merchants block the Yandex Go application from their marketplaces.

After investigation into the data traffic of the Yandex Go mobile application, it was found that data was exchanged with servers located in Russia. The implication of such exchanges means that the data collected on the service, including vehicle data, logistics and even payment cards and amounts, could be processed on servers located in Russia.

It was noted by Kristiāns Godiņš, Chairman of the Board of the Road Transport Directorate, that data exchange to countries outside of the European Union or the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation risks national security and the security of residents whose data is vulnerable through the application.

The spokesperson for the Road Transport Directorate, Zane Plone, noted that there could be repercussions for drivers and carriers who continue to use the Yandex Go mobile application. The application had been banned previously in March 2020 as it was not registered with the Directorate whilst operating commercial transportation.



Publication date
29 March 2022
  • Collective passenger transport
  • Latvia