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News article11 August 2022Dublin1 min read

Urban rail expansion in Dublin will transform commuter mobility

Dublin is soon to see a major improvement to its mass public rail network. The transport authorities in Ireland plan to submit plans for new services of Dublin’s urban rail network (DART) connecting the central rail hub Connolly Station with western cities in the greater Dublin area.

Today, the fully electric operated DART network provides 50 km connections to the north and south of the area serving commuter towns along the Dublin Bay. Complete DART+ plans triple the number to 150 km by expanding existing lines and adding new branches to the western area. The first step is the DART+WEST extension to Maynooth and M3 Parkway Park & Ride station, both about 25 km west of Dublin centre. The starting point is Connolly Station that connects DART services with national rail connections and all public transport in Dublin. The project includes the construction of a new depot in the Maynooth area. If the plans for DART+WEST are accepted by the Irish Planning Board, constructions will take from 2024 to 2029.

Extending its mass public rail network will give Dublin a boost for better accessibility by public transport moving ahead of the current bus focused system to the use of rail services. The plans for the new metro connecting the airport with the centre adds to the rail-oriented development. Dublin aims to see an improvement for the stressed housing situation, too, with the rail services giving flexibility to people choosing their housing location.



Publication date
11 August 2022
  • Collective passenger transport
  • Ireland