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News article9 July 20181 min read

Updated parking fees in Bucharest

New tariffs for parking facilities administered by the Bucharest’s City Hall entered into force on 01 July 2018; the cost of parking fees in the center of Bucharest has risen by up to 10 lei, per hour.

Environmental organisations and activists in Bucharest welcomed this measure, explaining that the limit values set by EU air quality legislation have been exceeded in the capital city, and one of the causes leading to this situation is intense traffic and congestion.

Three charging zones have been identified within the city. The most expensive one is zone 0 – i.e. the most central area - where the tariff is 10 lei per hour. For residents of this area, the tariff amounts to 120 lei per month. Parking is limited to a maximum of 2 hours, and after the expiration of this timeframe, the surcharge will be applied to an amount equivalent to double the hourly rate for each overtime.

In Zone 1, special parking spaces between zone 0 and the perimeter established by the Integrated Air Quality Plan are charged 5 lei per hour (between 6 am and 6 pm) and 2.5 lei per hour outside this interval. Then, in zone 2, which includes the specially arranged parking spaces between zone 1 and the administrative limit of the city, the tariffs are 2.5 lei (between 6 am and 6 pm) and 1.5 lei per hour, respectively. Residents, however, benefit from preferential rates, according to the City Hall.

Raluca Fişer, president of the Green Revolution Association, reported that the measures taken by the Capital City Hall will encourage residents to use alternative transport modes, such as underground, bicycle or car sharing system.

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Publication date
9 July 2018
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