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News article18 January 2024

Turku starts working on their Sustainable Urban Logistics Plan

The City of Turku is home to 200,000 inhabitants, a figure which is expected to grow in the coming years. To ensure that the city meets the future needs of its people, Turku has begun considering the efficiency and sustainability of its urban transport system.

Turku has been progressing development of their Sustainable Urban Logistics Plan (SULP) since Autumn 2023.  As the city’s first formal plan for managing logistics and freight transport, the SULP will take stock of traffic activity in the city centre area, whilst considering future development needs and possibilities.

In connection with the SCALE-UP Project’s measure on carbon-neutral urban logistics, the city of Turku will take input from stakeholder consultation to support investigations. This will include engagement of transport companies and recipients; shop owners; retailers; local organisations; operators; and City representatives including traffic planning and maintenance. It is hoped these insights will provide an in-depth understanding of the potential problem areas related to traffic in the city. The plan will also consider implementation possibilities for last mile deliveries, and stakeholders’ own readiness to invest in light distribution or emission-free equipment.

Ongoing urbanisation and growing volumes of distribution traffic will only increase the need for development of an effective and local-specific SULP, not only to ensure efficient logistics, but to complement and contribute to the city’s carbon-neutral goals and emission reduction targets.  

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Publication date
18 January 2024
Urban mobility planning