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News article12 October 20201 min read

TRIMIS Digest - sustainable freight transport

The latest issue of the TRIMIS Digest is now available. It takes a look at efficient and sustainable urban freight transport.

Automation, electrification and shared mobility in urban freight takes a look at the opportunities and challenges of using technology to change the urban  freight system. Automation, electrification and shared mobility are the key technologies in this sector.

The electric light commercial vehicles (eLCV) article takes a look at a recent study on comparing the costs of eLCVs to  conventional light commercial vehicles (LCV). They also developed an uptake scenario to identify effects on pollutant emissions.

Net effects on CO2 emissions of relocating freight facilities to the city edge and replacing that space with the working spaces from the city edge shows both parties generated less traffic and carbon dioxide emissions.

The role of ‘influencers’ as drivers of a more sustainable urban freight sector looks at how stakeholders, such a public procurement organisations, can have significant influence on freight operators.

Original article first published by European Commission



Publication date
12 October 2020
  • Urban freight/city logistics
  • Europe-wide