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News article26 September 20231 min read

The superblock concept is being tested in Lisbon

Interest in Barcelona's superblock concept is increasing. Between 11 to 17 September 2023, Lisbon’s central neighbourhood, Campo de Ourique, tested whether the superblock model could be transferred to its own area. The central area of the Portuguese capital is now engaging with local people and businesses to evaluate the test. 

The week-long test phase was called “Há mais bairro no jardim!" (There’s more neighbourhood in the garden!). The superblock experiment focused on a small park in the centre of the area, which created the idea for the name of the experiment.

In order to inform people of the trial, a leaflet was distributed in the neighbourhood that explained how the test would work. Through traffic was prevented from passing along eight street sections that converge at the park, which effectively created the superblock area out of the park itself and the eight neighbouring blocks. As part of the test, the space that was freed up was used for several events, such as concerts, open air cinema and workshops.

The test is now being evaluated. One aspect of this is a satisfaction survey, which will be distributed amongst the neighbourhoods’ residents and retailers.

Article published first at on 11 September 2023.



Publication date
26 September 2023
  • Traffic and demand management
  • Portugal