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News article30 May 2023Sofia1 min read

Sofia introduces on-demand bus service for its more remote neighbourhoods

In April 2023, the City of Sofia announced the launch of a new on-demand bus service for the more remote neighbourhoods of the Bulgarian capital. Low emission buses will take residents from large transit hubs to their residential areas, offering them a more affordable and sustainable solution to their last-mile trips.

Buses will operate in the neighbourhoods of Manastirski Livadi East and West, as well as Pavlovo, from Monday to Friday, between 6:07 to 22:40, with a frequency of 16 to 18 minutes during peak hours. During the night, residents will be able to book a ride through an app, called BusInn, and meet the bus in designated pick-up points. The city will implement 6 electric vehicle charging stations and a total fleet of 5 buses serving the neighbourhoods at pre-identified stops.

The provision of the new on-demand bus service aims to make public transport more attractive by offering more and better connections to residents who live farther from the city centre and where frequent, timetabled public transport services do not make much sense. Giving residents, who are reluctant to move away from cars, more attractive options encourages them to switch to more sustainable transport modes, such as public transport.

The measure will also help Sofia improve its air quality, as the city is one of the most polluted in Europe. The city is now investing in a range of actions to improve air quality, which also focus on reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Another relevant project is INNOAIR, funded through the European Urban Innovative Actions initiative, within which it is planned to implement a low emission zone (LEZ).



Publication date
30 May 2023
  • Collective passenger transport
  • Bulgaria