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News article19 May 20221 min read

Slovenian automobile association donates bicycles to modest families

Since October 2021, AMZS, the Slovenian National Automobile Association, has been running its project ‘Bicycles for everyone!’.

Together with its local clubs, they collect used bicycles, complete the needed repairs within bicycle stores, and distribute these to families.

Over the first few months, the project has received more than 300 bicycle donations. The bikes are handed over to children from socially disadvantaged backgrounds, alongside bike helmets by the Association of Friends of Youth Ljubljana.

‘Bicycles for everyone!’ aims to give all children the possibility to enjoy the benefits of cycling: getting around, being active and socialising with other children. It creates local ties as well by connecting local clubs, the donors, the children, and local bike stores with each other.

The project is part of AMZS transition from an automobile club to a mobility club. This includes the widening of roadside assistance to persons other than motorists (such as cyclists) last year.



Publication date
19 May 2022
  • Walking and cycling
  • Slovenia