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News article2 July 2018

The selling of bikes and e-bikes grows in Italy

As certified by the Italian National Association of Cycles, Motorcycles and Accessories (ANCMA), the market for bicycles and motorcycles in Italy is worth €5 billion and employs about 20,000 direct employees.  The industry has recently reported significant growth in sales of electric bikes and diffusion of bike sharing schemes. Cities and modes of travel appear to be changing, and the future is increasingly two-wheeled. This is why ANCMA has asked the Italian Government to set up a national coordination on sustainable mobility as soon as possible.

"Today, two-wheelers appear as a natural response to new needs", explains ANCMA's president, Mr Andrea Dell'Orto. "More than 70% of the shared mobility services in cities are bike sharing services, and scooter sharing is also growing".

The most striking market data concerns e-bikes: 148,000 units sold, a 19% increase compared to 2016.  Similar trends are visible all over Europe. Traditional bicycles also performed well, with a  5.1% increase on the previous year. At the same time, motorcycle sales grew by 8.5% and scooters by 3.4%.

Globally, the first six months of 2018 also registered positive trends, with an expected growth of around 8% for vehicles with a cylinder capacity of more than 50cc and an overall growth of 5.8% for two-wheelers.

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Publication date
2 July 2018
Urban mobility planning