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News article17 February 20221 min read

Safe cycle parking project wins Brasov's participatory budget competition

The Romanian city of Brasov has announced the winners of its participatory budget competition 2021-2022, including the winner of the mobility category. Brasov’s competition had four categories, each of which had a winning project: mobility, greenery, leisure and communities. The residents of the city submitted project ideas in each of the four categories from November 2021; these projects were then voted on between 1 January and 2 February 2022. The winning project in each category receives between €100,000 – €125,000.

The winning project for the mobility category is called ‘Safe Bicycle Parking’ and entails installing covered, closed and locked bike racks near every apartment block. Installing secure parking for bicycles in residential neighbourhoods encourages more people to buy and use bicycles in cities. The closed bike rack is also very efficient in terms of its use of space. The installation of the residential bike racks will start later in 2022.

The city’s participatory budget competition is a great example of public consultation and engagement in city planning projects and urban mobility. The projects in Brasov’s competition tended to propose facilitative infrastructure in residential communities.

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Publication date
17 February 2022
  • Public and stakeholder involvement
  • Romania