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News article26 April 20211 min read

Road Safety NGO welcomes installation of speed cameras in Malta

Doctors for Road Safety, a Maltese NGO of medical doctors and students, has welcomed the installation of speed cameras on a Maltese coastal road in a bid to increase compliance with speed limits. The decision to install the cameras is a response to the number of serious injuries iin traffic accidents on the road.

The group has also called for data on traffic accident black spots to be used to inform the installation of speed cameras at more locations. It also supports the use of other technological devices to improve road safety, such as traffic lights at pedestrian crossings and junctions, as well as the use of traffic monitoring cameras.

According to Doctors for Road Safety: "Road safety is a responsibility of all road users. However, the onus and obligation to take specific actions to improve road safety must rest with those organisations and institutions which are entrusted by government and society to work diligently and assiduously to protect lives on our roads. LESA [Local Enforcement System Agency] has taken an important step but so much more needs to be done to maximise the positive impact that tried and tested technology can have on road safety.”

Article published first at Times of Malta on 10 April 2021.



Publication date
26 April 2021
  • Safety and urban mobility
  • Malta