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News article13 February 20181 min read

Public review launched for three new Urban Agenda Partnerships

The Urban Agenda for the EU was launched in May 2016 with the Pact of Amsterdam. It represents a new multi-level working method promoting cooperation between Member States, cities, the European Commission and other stakeholders in order to stimulate growth, liveability and innovation in the cities of Europe and to identify and successfully tackle social challenges. Thematic Partnerships and their action plans represent the key delivery mechanism within the Urban Agenda for the EU.

On 6 February 2018, three more Partnerships (Digital TransitionCircular Economy and Urban Mobility) submitted their draft action plans, which now await public input. The informal Public Feedback on all three draft action plans is open until 16 March 2018. All interested stakeholders (e.g. institutions and authorities, academies and research centres, companies, NGOs, experts and citizens) are invited to participate and contribute to the draft actions developed by the Partnerships. Each draft action has its own survey, allowing users to provide input on the themes and actions most relevant to them. The surveys can be answered anonymously.

With regard to the Urban Mobility Partnership action plan, the initial focus is set on four themes: 

  1. Active modes of transport and use of public space.
  2. Innovative solutions and smart mobility.
  3. Public transport for the city/region.
  4. Multi-modality and governance.

The action plan relates to improving: a) EU regulations affecting urban mobility, b) the use and allocation of EU funding, and c) knowledge exchange platforms and their use.

To find out more about the Public Feedback process, please click here.

To comment on the actions on the Urban Agenda for the EU’s website, please register on Futurium first. 


Source: story first published by Urban Agenda EU on 06/02/2018 

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13 February 2018
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