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News article14 June 20181 min read

Promotion week against parking violation on cycling and walking paths

Between the 28th May and 3rd of June 2018, German cities saw a series of activities aimed at raising awareness of the problem of parking violations that disadvantage pedestrians and cyclists. The “week of parking violations” originated from a small action in the City of Halle and was turned into a federal campaign by the Verkehrsclub Deutschland and the Initiative Clevere Städte. The campaign called for actions highlighting various problems, including vehicles parked on bicycle lanes, vehicles parked too close or even on crossings and double-parking. All of these problems affect pedestrians and cyclists directly by blocking their way, reducing their field of visiion and ultimately decreasing traffic safety. In addition to raising awareness amongst those directly involved, the campaign aimed to create political pressure to act.

Cities such as Stuttgart, Hamburg, Cologne, Berlin, Münster, Magedburg and Halle saw 'Yellow Cards' being handed out, emergency bicycle lanes installed around parked vehicles or marked by ballons, as well as reports handed in to the administration using dedicated apps. Especially popular were the yellow cards, for which Verkehrsclub Deutschland saw orders in the tens of thousands.

The promotion week underlined that traffic has become a serious problem in many German cities. The organisers clearly pointed out the regulations on parking that already exist in the German Road Act, such as forbidding parking on crossings and within five metres of crossings. They appealed for increased fines for parking violations to levels seen elsewhere in the EU. Only in April 2018 did the Transport Ministers of the German Provinces appeal for higher and more effective actions against parking violations. Now, the Verkehrsclub Deutschland and the Initiative Clevere Städte have both called on the Federal Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer to respect the appeal of his provincial colleagues and to adapt the regulations accordingly before the autumn of 2018.

Story first published by “Fahrradportal” on 4th of June 2018.



Publication date
14 June 2018
  • Traffic and demand management
  • Germany