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News article10 December 20191 min read

Polis releases discussion paper on shared micromobility

Polis has published a discussion paper on shared micromobility. The document, entitled "Macro managing micromobility", was launched on 27 November during the Annual Conference of Polis, a network of cities and regions working on transport innovation.

The launch of the discussion paper was announced during the opening plenary session on the trends that are shaping the city of tomorrow. “With this paper, we are taking the long view on short trips” said Polis Secretary General Karen Vancluysen. “It brings together the issues that emerged in the numerous conversations we had with our members and the industry over the past year. This is a paper to continue the discussion on a hot topic, to feed and frame that discussion, to help focus and further the dialogue in a solutions-driven way.”

New studies, reports and guidelines on shared micromobility have been published regularly in the past few months. Polis' discussion paper aims to contribute to the wealth of analyses and knowledge by providing cities with an overview of the strategic issues at stake and the tools that are being used to build a regulatory framework for shared micromobility.

The first part of the document is dedicated to how micromobility companies operate, both in terms of their business model and their most common operational practices. The “key strategic issues” of public space, infrastructure, safety, equity, environmental impact, cooperation, fees and data are addressed in the second part of the document.

Lastly, the tools that can be used to make shared micromobility work for cities are presented in the third part of the document. These cover a broad spectrum of activities and measures in the areas of market access control, customer protection, data collection and enforcement.

The full discussion paper is available here.



Publication date
10 December 2019
  • Shared mobility
  • Europe-wide