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News article28 December 2021Nicosia1 min read

Nicosia runs study to ensure urban mobility plan is fit for purpose

Cyprus is ready to revamp its urban mobility reality thanks to a EUR 174 million package from the recovery funds of the European Commission. The states’ efforts will focus on its capital, Nicosia, known for its dominant car modal share.

The task is to develop an attractive public transport network and complementing measures to connect the historical centre with surrounding urban sprawl areas. For this, Cyprus commissioned a study of EUR 518,000 for the basis to create Nicosia’s Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (SUMP), including investments from the recovery fund.

Over the next 20 months, the study aims to rethink and redesign today’s transport network and services. It will develop a new grid plan including elements such as a Bus Rapid Transit system, a tram network, bus lanes and a traffic management system prioritising public transport. Park + Ride facilities will also supplement the new public transport network. In addition, the study is tackling organisational topics by elaborating suggestions on how to shift the start of work hours of public administration to ease morning and afternoon traffic peaks.

The recovery funds will be used for both pushing the electric car uptake in Cyprus and investing in smart transport technologies.

Article published first at Cyprus Mail on 6 December 2021.



Publication date
28 December 2021
  • Urban mobility planning
  • Cyprus