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News article5 September 20231 min read

New resources available for accelerating the deployment of sustainable mobility innovation

CIVITAS FastTrack has helped cities accelerate the roll-out of sustainable mobility innovations through knowledge-exchange and capacity building. Working with 24 urban and peri-urban areas across Europe to help them accelerate their deployment of sustainable mobility innovations, this work revolved around four topical clusters, each led by an Ambassador City. Throughout its learning programme – featuring a bottom-up needs assessment, e-learning opportunities, and 'Capacity Building Weeks' – FastTrack brought its community of local areas together with experts and solution providers to overcome the barriers to innovation deployment.

As the project has come to a close, FastTrack achieved a number of impressive milestones, including organising five 'Capacity Building Weeks' and learning sequences, 83 core activities, and had over 600 individuals actively involved in the project, to name only a few.

With these milestones, a number of key resources were created which future cities can use as they work to implement sustainable mobility innovations in their communities.

  • series of FactSheets dive into FastTrack’s four thematic clusters explored within the project. This includes 'Sustainable and Clean Urban Logistics', 'Cycling in the Urban and Functional Urban Area', 'Integrated Multi-modal Mobility Solutions' and 'Traffic and Demand Management'. The takeaways from these topical areas offer quick facts on the topic, acceleration factors, and experiences from participating cities involved in each cluster.
  • FactSheets were also created for the cross-cutting themes explored within the project, including 'Behaviour Change', 'Funding', 'Data Management' and 'Governance', as these are all factors that can influence the accelerated uptake of sustainable mobility innovation.
  • In addition to these sets of FactSheets, Final Recommendations assemble key learnings on how future cities can accelerate their deployment of sustainable mobility innovation, providing examples from FastTrack cities.

For a full set of FastTrack's Resources, visit the resources page on the website here



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5 September 2023
  • Intermodality
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  • Urban freight/city logistics
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