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News article1 February 20211 min read

New Brupass ticket to cover all travel in Brussels and its suburbs

Belgium’s four main public transport operators have announced that, as of February 2021, a new single ticket will be launched, which will allow travel on all of their services in Brussels and in the 19 municipalities bordering Belgium's Capital-Region. However, services to and from the city’s airport of Zaventem are not included in the new scheme.

The agreement was reached between STIB (which runs services in the city itself), SNCB (the national rail operator), Wallonia’s TEC and Flanders’ De Lijn and will involve two new tickets: Brupass for the capital region; and Brupass XL which includes the city's closest suburbs. Brupass will also be available as a monthly or annual season subscription, allowing travel with all four operators with one single pass.

The new ticket, Brupass XL, will cost €3 for a single journey, €20 for 10 rides, €74 for a monthly pass and €775 for a year. In the future, operators plan to include additional mobile ticketing options.

The new scheme aims to simplify travellers’ life in the city, as until now they have had to purchase different tickets for each operator. The scheme will allow passengers to make use of 1400 trains a day, covering 52 stations, as well as bus, trams, and metro services covering some 2,800 stops across the city centre and its suburbs.

Article first published first at Intelligent Transport on 18 January 2021



Publication date
1 February 2021
  • Collective passenger transport
  • Belgium