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News article29 July 20211 min read

New app maps accessibility of urban public spaces in Ukraine

The Ukrainian disability rights group Dostupno.UA have published an update to its interactive map with accessibility information for more than 800 urban locations around the country. These cover urban public spaces, parks, administrative buildings, as well as eating and entertainment venues.

The application works with a traffic light coding to tell users how accessible a location is: green is accessible, orange is somewhat accessible and red inaccessible. The rating is based on research of the group’s members. A user can ask for specific information, too, such as entry conditions, accessible bathrooms, menus for visually impaired persons or more general categories such as if the location is child-friendly, pet-friendly or wheelchair-friendly.

Next to information on the accessibility of the locations, the app includes a navigation option for a suitable route according to individual’s needs on the required level of accessibility. The app works as an open environment inviting users to add further locations.

Dostupno.UA’s founder, Dmytro Shchebetyuk states that the application answers to more than wheelchair users’ requirements: “All of us require accessibility at certain points in our lives. Parents with baby strollers, elderly persons, differently abled and pregnant people. Even if you're simply traveling with a heavy suitcase, your mobility will be limited by obstacles. Most of us will grow old and will need all of this accessibility as well.” He hopes to motivate venue owners to make their venues more accessible and to get people with special accessibility needs out of their homes to take part in public live.

The recent update of the app in 2021 covers more than 30 cities including the Capital Kiev and is available for Android and iPhone as well as a desktop application.

Please click here to visit the desktop application of the map (in Ukrainian).

Article published first at GlobalVoices on 10th of July 2021.



Publication date
29 July 2021
  • Transport for people with reduced mobility
  • Ukraine