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News article16 May 20241 min read

MobiliseYourCity Global Monitor 2024: Over half the SUMPs are already leading to implementation

Since its inception after COP 2015 in Paris, the MobiliseYourCity Partnership has become a leader in sustainable urban mobility planning, policy development, and increasing investment for sustainable transport in developing and emerging economies. 

As of February 2024, the Partnership has raised €54.7 million in grants to support 38 member cities, 8 member countries, 4 non‑member countries and 7 non‑member cities with technical assistance and project preparation, which has already mobilised additional loans for concrete sustainable urban mobility projects.  

Like every year, MobiliseYourCity has just released its Global Monitor to report on the Partnership’s projects clearly, transparently, and with accountability. 

Three key achievements accomplished thanks to the fruitful collaboration with France and Germany:

  • Out of approximately 20 completed Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMPs), 6 of which were completed in 2023, 13 are now moving into implementation.
  • Preparing SUMPs and National Urban Mobility Policies or Investment Programmes (NUMPs) has helped mobilise more than €1.75 billion for implementation, and MobiliseYourCity partners are offering additional support to fill the gaps (as outlined in the newly added "Implementation Support" chapter).
  • Six essential resources were launched, including the MobiliseYourCity guidelines for developing SUMPs. The Partnership’s knowledge-sharing efforts were enhanced through 15 training sessions, 2 regional community of practice meetings, and a revamped online knowledge platform that has already attracted 50,000 more visitors than in 2023.

To read the full report, click here.

To read more about MobiliseYourCity, visit their website here.



Publication date
16 May 2024
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