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News article8 October 2019

MaaS movement? Report sets out issues and options on Mobility as a Service for city regions

The Urban Transport Group have published a new report examining the concept of Mobility as a Service (MaaS).

The report sets out the factors that will decide the future of MaaS, as well as the issues and options for city regions on the role they might play in shaping MaaS in their areas. It also examines schemes which provide access to information on, and payment for, transport options via a single digital platform.

Vernon Everitt, Managing Director of Customers, Communication and Technology at Transport for London, and UBW’s lead Board member for smart futures, said:

“It is up to each transport authority to decide for themselves how big a role they wish to play in determining the evolution of MaaS depending on local circumstances and aspirations. By presenting the risks and opportunities, we hope this report makes that decision-making process easier.”

Read the full report here. It was also featured in Cities Today.



Publication date
8 October 2019
Mobility management