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News article9 November 20221 min read

Launch of the Ambassadors for Diversity in Transport Network

The European Commission (EC) is proud to launch the Ambassadors for Diversity in Transport Network, championing the EC's core values of equality and diversity.

The EU transport sector employs over 10 million workers, accounts for 5% of gross domestic product (GDP) and comprises >1.1 million enterprises. However, it is a sector that faces several challenges including an ageing workforce, staff shortages, a lack of competitiveness, poor resilience to external shocks (such as wars or pandemics) and climate change. The sector is also undergoing significant changes including automation, digitalisation and the rising use of alternative energy sources. To deal with these challenges and to offer a variety of different perspectives, skills, and experiences, the sector must become more diverse and inclusive.

The Ambassadors for Diversity in Transport Network seeks to promote diversity, equality and inclusion within the EU transport sector. It will raise awareness and share information on and develop and implement initiatives to promote diversity in the EU transport sector, both from the perspective of transport workers and transport users.

It is hoped this initiative will compliment the work of the European Parliament’s third European Gender Equality Week, to discuss issues related to Gender Equality in different policy fields.

Transport Commissioner, Adina Vălean, stated: "For too long, not everyone has had a voice when it comes to the design and use of transport systems. That is why the work of the Ambassadors for #DiversityInTransport Network is so important, to ensure that the needs of all transport workers and users are represented. Investing in safe, diverse and accessible transport systems is an investment in our communities, and Europe as a whole. The work of the Ambassadors for #DiversityInTransport is key in achieving this."

She continued: "Equality and diversity are core values of the EU, which I personally support. I welcome everyone to apply and become an EU Ambassador for #DiversityInTransport. Help us changing the transport sector."

Interested in becoming an ambassador? Read more here.

For full details on launch of the Ambassadors for Diversity in Transport Network, read more here.



Publication date
9 November 2022
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