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News article24 September 20212 min read

Join the e-smartec e-course on how to build the engagement strategy of a SUMP

A free online course has been developed as part of the Enhanced Sustainable Mobility with Marketing Techniques project. 

Build the engagement strategy of a SUMP” is the first e-course developed within the framework of the e-smartec project and it aims at stimulating the proactive participation of citizens and stakeholders in sustainable mobility planning.

Based on experience, sustainable urban mobility planning cannot be achieved without the commitment of key stakeholders and travellers. Given this need, the e-smartec project proposes accompanying each step of mobility planning with the deployment of targeted marketing techniques for linking bottom-up and top-down decision making.

The course outlines how to use marketing techniques and other engagement methods for raising awareness and linking bottom-up and top-down decision making through a facilitated dialogue between policy makers, stakeholders, and citizens. It gives the basic instruments to ideally establish (or understand how to establish) a successful and overarching participatory approach using such techniques.

For these reasons, the course is primarily designed for local and regional planning authorities, as well as any other stakeholder involved in Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning.

The course channels the knowledge of the e-smartec partners into a free and easily accessible format and is structured around 3 themes: 

  1. participatory approach
  2. marketing techniques for mobility planning
  3. engagement methods

These concepts are presented and illustrated with good practices and exercises coming from the project partners in 6 snappy units moderated by POLIS Network, e-smartec Communications' Manager, for 8 weeks (1 week per unit, with the exception of Unit 5, a capstone exercise that will be active for 2 weeks). Each unit will follow a MOOC-like structure that will require only 1-2 hours/week effort. 

By the end of the e-smartec course, participants will:

  • be able to understand and explain what a participatory approach in Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning is;
  • be aware of the importance of having a participatory approach in your SUMP development;
  • be able to develop an engagement strategy comprising different marketing techniques and engagement methods needed to involve citizens and other relevant stakeholders.

To register to the e-course, use the self-enrolment key "Engagement-SUMP" and register to the e-course (

Launch Event

Kick-off event on September 30, 2021, from 15:00 to 16:00 PM CEST will provide a complete overview of the e-course's units.

For further information on the project and the course click here, and to register for the course and the kick-off session click here.



Publication date
24 September 2021
  • Urban mobility planning
  • Europe-wide