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News article1 June 20221 min read

Ireland reduces public transport fares nationally

Ireland has reduced fares on many public transport services in the country for the first time since 1947. The move sees fares on a range of services drop by 20%. The overall price reduction was accompanied by targeted provisions for young travellers, with those aged 19-23 receiving a 50% reduction in fares on all subsidised public transport.

Public transport fares are being reduced in Ireland as part of government plans to address the cost of living, which has risen dramatically in recent months, making public transport use unaffordable for many. The cut in fares is being applied to several bus and rail services including Dublin Bus, Luas, Go-Ahead Ireland and Iarnród Éireann's (Irish Rail) DART (Dublin Area Rapid Transit), as well as commuter services. This follows earlier cuts in fares on other services, which were made last month.

The move, described as “unprecedented and quite radical”, follows similar actions across Europe. For example, the Portuguese capital Lisbon has made public transport services free for many, while other cities in Europe have subsidised fares for low income and vulnerable passengers. It is hoped that these actions will encourage an increased uptake in public transport use, which is still recovering after the COVID-19 induced challenges. Indeed, the Irish National Transport Authority has already reported that passenger numbers have increased as a direct result of the fare reduction.

The original article was published on the BBC on 5 May 2022.



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1 June 2022
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