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News article8 June 2020

Highlights from Sustainable Mobility Event

In 2020, InLinum organised the first Sustainable Mobility Digital which took place on 26 May 2020. The aim of the event was to provide a platform for industry fellows not only to gain knowledge during conference sessions but also to find new business connections and offer many networking opportunities. Ultimately, the virtual event was a great gathering of industry professionals who exchanged knowledge and had a chance to meet other professionals over a dozen face-to-face virtual business meetings.

Two separate panel discussions and a number of polls brought out even more interactions between speakers and the audience. Many interesting facts and current trends were acknowledged - and new connections were made during the event. Representatives of EV manufacturers, micro-mobility providers and charging infrastructure providers engaged in discussions around the future of sustainable mobility, the potential impact of COVID-19 on future mobility trends and how policy and innovation can help address future mobility needs. 

In conclusion to the digital event, Hans-Peter Kleebinder who is Director of Studies for Smart Mobility Management at the University St. Gallen in Switzerland asked his panel speakers one question - What will sustainable mobility in the year 2025 look like?  Lukas Neckermann, who is one of the leaders of Mobility in Smart Cities, stated that in his view, the private car has historically been the default mode of transport in many areas. As a result, we have built infrastructure, and the financial environment around it – “I wish that we would break out of this automated notion that we have to have a car for all our transport and we would rely on a DIFFERENT modes of mobility”. In response to the question posed, Michael Fischer of Honda R&D Europe stated, “well 2025 is tomorrow, so on one side I am afraid it won’t be too much different from today, but I can answer 2025 with one word – DIVERSE”. Speaker Wim Ouboter, founder of a micro-mobility company stated that sustainable mobility transport modes in the year 2025 will be, “...SMALL, PORTABLE and ELECTRIC”.

Article written by InLinum. Readers can download the full report here to find out more information and the wide range of discussions that were held during the event. 



Publication date
8 June 2020
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