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News article29 January 20181 min read

HERE Mobility launches a marketplace for mobility service providers, businesses and consumers.

In January 2018, HERE Mobility (a new business launched by HERE Technologies) announced the launch of their Mobility Marketplace; a central platform for supplying and requesting mobility services. 

With the launch of this exciting disruptive service, HERE Mobility are aligning themselves with a changing mobility market that is departing from the traditional and estimated to grow to 1.5 trillion dollars by 2030. A key driving force behind the change is the rise of the concept: ‘Mobility as a Service’ (Maas). The Mobility Marketplace will allow suppliers of all sizes to offer their services efficiently and effectively to a growing consumer market. In turn, consumers will be presented with greater choice and improved accessibility. 

Speaking about the importance of their new product, Liad Itzhak, VP Head of Mobility, said:

‘There is currently no one solution that offers the user the ability to compose their journey from one place. It is exactly this void that the HERE Mobility Marketplace was conceived to address.’

‘Serving as more than just an aggregator, it enables both sides of the supply/demand spectrum to easily connect through a single, standardized point of contact for all mobility service types.’

HERE has also launched the Mobility Dispatch system, a real time fleet utilization and optimization management system that takes advantage of big data and machine learning. These two products are in line with HERE Mobility’s mission of democratising the mobility industry by developing a fair and competitive marketplace and closing technological gaps.


Publication date
29 January 2018
  • Mobility management
  • Europe-wide