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News article10 September 2019Hamburg

Hamburg launches Germany’s first platform to monitor new mobility services

The German city of Hamburg is launching a platform for the comprehensive digital documentation, analysis and planning of new mobility services in urban areas.

The platform, which is being developed and operated in cooperation with the Hamburg-based Wunder Mobility, will help the city understand how to best use new mobility services such as e-scooters, shared taxis and rental bicycles.

The aim of the platform is to gain a deeper understanding of the interplay of new mobility offerings and the existing transport infrastructure and to develop solutions for greener and more efficient mobility in the city based on the findings. The project is preceded by documentation and analysis of the use of electric scooters. From July 2019, four suppliers have been offering up to 800 rental scooters across the city of Hamburg.

As announced at the launch of these offers in June, the city and the provider have agreed on common rules for their provision. Under this agreement, the operators of the city provide detailed information on the use of their vehicles. Wunder Mobility supplies the technology for the software solution for the preparation, evaluation and visualisation of the information, and supports the city with its expertise in data analysis. The newly created platform will always make relevant information on the use of the new services available to the responsible authorities in urban and transport planning.

Hamburg has established a good cooperation with new mobility services operators. Thanks to the newly-established platform, the city can meaningfully integrate new offerings into its mobility services and to make decisions on the conversion and expansion of the transport infrastructure based on valid data. This will help the city identify potential problems, to create viable alternatives to private transport and to further improve the offer of environmentally friendly mobility solutions.



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10 September 2019
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