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News article8 December 2023

Graz pilots smart traffic monitoring project

The City of Graz is running a pilot project on smart traffic monitoring at one of its inner-city intersections. The idea is to gain real-time data and learn from its analytics, to improve the conditions for cyclists and ultimately further increase the cycling modal share in Graz.

Current sensor-based solutions are not always able to distinguish between different traffic users such as cars, mopeds, cyclists or scooters. The pilot makes use of a GDPR-compliant video observation and analytics system designed by the Latvian company LMT. It uses cutting-edge computing and AI algorithms and allows this specific distinction. The pilot is also collecting information on traffic infringements like passing a red traffic light to support traffic rule enforcement.

“[This] solution of traffic detection really caught our interest,” said Bernd Cagran-Hohl, road management office, City of Graz. “Using existing technologies for innovative solutions keeps running costs down, while creating valuable data and insights in the city’s mobility. Graz is always looking for innovative, affordable, and scalable solutions in traffic management while keeping all data safe. [The video system] provides us with new insights in traffic combined with excellent project support.


Article published first at SmartCitiesWorld on 22 November 2023.



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8 December 2023
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