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News article1 July 20191 min read

Genoa presents plan for clean deliveries in the city centre

The Italian city of Genoa has announced that it will introduce a scheme to ensure that deliveries in its old town are undertaken using environmentally-friendly vehicles.

The initiative, called “INVIA”, aims to respond to the need to reduce the polluting emissions associated with the deliveries of goods in the city and contributes to the creation of CO2-free city logistics, as envisaged by the European Commission.

A city of 583,601 inhabitants, Genoa has one of the largest historic centres in Europe. Delivering goods in its complex system of roads and densely-packed houses has always been a challenge. By introducing cargo bikes and other types of low emission vehicles for deliveries, INVIA will bring together the services provided by traditional couriers for the collection and distribution of goods in the old town, with benefits for residents and businesses alike.

As part of the scheme, a wide range of low- and zero-emission vehicles will be employed to collect and distribute goods in the old town. These vehicles are not affected by local traffic restrictions. Moreover, thanks to a partnership with Eco Bike Courier, a company providing deliveries using bicycles and cargo bikes, the scheme will serve an even larger share of residents.

Collaboration with Poste Italiane, Italy’s main postal service provider, was instrumental in bringing INVIA to life. Poste Italiane will in fact make its infrastructure and local expertise in Genoa available for the scheme, with the aim of enhancing its potential.

"Last year", points out the Deputy Mayor for Transport and Mobility Stefano Balleari, "we allowed freight vehicles with electric engines, and not only private electric cars, to access the traffic-restricted zone without time limits and free of charge. We now offer an additional incentive to use this mode. Our intention is to push more and more towards green mobility by rewarding environmentally friendly behaviour. The shift to electric mobility will change our city for the better, bringing enormous environmental, economic and health benefits."



Publication date
1 July 2019
  • Urban freight/city logistics
  • Italy