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News article15 September 20211 min read

Gdansk starts using electric minibuses for those with reduced mobility

The Polish city of Gdansk has started the electrification of its fleet for those with reduced mobility. Seventy-eight electric minibuses will eventually provide transport services to people who cannot use buses and trams to move around in the city. The first eight electric minibuses arrived in August 2021 and have already entered into service for 600 people, including around 350 children and young people.

The minibuses are able to run for 150km on one charge and can be recharged using an ordinary electric power supply socket. The minibuses have been designed to meet the requirements for the transport of two wheelchairs, so have ramps or elevators to enable wheelchair users to enter the bus. The buses also have comfortable and safe seating that have three-point seat belts and headrests, as well as air conditioning. The minibuses ensure the security of passengers during trips thanks to GPS trackers and video cameras inside the vehicles.

The City of Gdansk intends to have fully electrified its fleet for people with reduced mobility by January 2022. The current phase of operation involving the eight vehicles will be used to learn lessons for the full roll-out next year. 

Article published first at on 2 September 2021.



Publication date
15 September 2021
  • Transport for people with reduced mobility
  • Poland