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News article21 January 20201 min read

Eurostat data on transport costs per household of EU member states 2018

EUROSTAT has published the latest statistics on household costs in the EU member states. Expenditure on transport took second place out of all household costs with on average 13.2% of all household costs. It is surpassed only by housing costs (24%) and ranks even before average spending for food and non-alcoholic beverages.

The range of expenditures per household between member states varies significantly. At the extremes, Slovakian households are spending 6.6% which is only a third of Slovenian households at 16.9%. Cutting out the extreme values at each end of the scale, the range is much lower between 11.2% in Romania and 14.1% in France. Romania stands for the largest decrease in expenditures for transport per household: in 2008 expenditures of an average Romanian household were still at 15.1% seeing a decrease of 3.9% over the last 10 years. Bulgaria, Cyprus and Luxembourg saw larger decreases between 2% and 2.5%. Increases were more modest compared to percentage points with the biggest one in Poland (1.2%) followed by Slovenia (1.0%).

In total more than €1.1 trillion was spent purely on transport in 2018 by households which equates to 7.2% of the EU’s GDP or respectively €2,200 per EU inhabitant.

Article published first at EUROSTAT on 8 January 2020.



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21 January 2020
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