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News article10 November 20211 min read

Educational toolkits to help fight gender stereotypes in transport

The European Commission have developed educational toolkits in order to challenge students in primary and secondary schools to identify and question gender stereotypes. In addition, the toolkits will encourage learners to discover career opportunities in the transport sectors. The toolkits are available in 24 languages, for use in all EU Member States.

The sector is bigger and more varied than young people see and perceive it to be. It is also changing rapidly and becoming increasingly digitalised and sustainable. The sector is expected to grow and employ more highly skilled workers in the future, especially those with competences in engineering and technology.

These toolkits show that the opportunities on offer within the rapidly changing transport sector are not restricted to a particular gender. Currently, only 22 % of the people working in the transport sector are women. Many girls do not consider a career path in transport because gender stereotypes and expectations lead them in a different professional direction.

The toolkits aim to encourage learners to challenge gender stereotypes, explore the world of opportunities and develop transferable skills critical for the 21st century. They contain a set of 7 toolsets which provide a range of activities, culminating in a final toolset with references to key data and further reading for teachers and students to go one step further.

To access the toolkits and further information, please visit the following website:

Educational toolkits to help fight gender stereotypes (



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10 November 2021
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