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News article15 September 20201 min read

E-scooter-sharing service spreading in Italy, arrived also in Parma

A new micromobility service dedicated to free-floating shared e-scooters arrived in Parma at the beginning of this month. The service is managed by three different companies which have been awarded the tender published by Infomobility, on behalf of the Municipality of Parma. E-scooters, which are gaining ground in many other Italian cities, are considered as an opportunity to move around the city while protecting the environment and the air we are breathing.

The administration paid particular attention to safety matters: people had the opportunity to carry out driving tests and receive instructions on how to operate the scooters safely. In addition, informative material was widely distributed. This event took place in 2 strategic areas of the city, Piazza Garibaldi and Piazzale della Pace, on 3, 5, and 12 September 2020. The event will be repeated on Saturday 19 September.

The goal for the future, as highlighted by Tiziana Benassi - Councilor for Environmental Sustainability Policies of the Municipality of Parma - is to carry out an integrated program for the development of sustainable mobility, expanding and diversifying its offer. The initiative will favour pedestrian movement, cycling and smart vehicles on a human and city scale. In addition, today more than ever, it is important to give people valid alternatives for flexible, dynamic, and affordable public transport options that help to respect physical distancing measures.

The service is active seven days a week and includes a call center to support users. The APPs of the three companies allow users to rent and collect vehicles, but also to get real-time information on the areas and routes allowed for circulation and parking.

Vehicles can circulate only in urban areas, with an extension up to the University Campus. However, in contrast with other Italian cities, they are not allowed to circulate and be parked in the “Environmental Islands” (zone 30) in order to avoid endangering pedestrians. This is possible thanks to an automatic system that deactivates its operation and allows it to drive the vehicle only by hand. To favor intermodality, the availability of vehicles is guaranteed in some interchange nodes, such as at the railway station, park and ride sites, and other strategically located parking areas around the city.

Original article published by Comune di Parma on 03 September 2020



Publication date
15 September 2020
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