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News article1 September 20211 min read

Dorset Council starts new parking permits following public consultations

Dorset Council, in the south of the UK, has created two new parking permits as a result of consultations with the public. 

It presented its parking proposals to residents, town and parish councils, businesses and other stakeholders through a survey, which received more than 1,900 responses. Out of these, two new permits were created to answer to people’s needs:

  1. The Pop & Shop permit meets resident's needs to stop in villages and town centres for their purchases. It allows permit holders to make use of most short stay car parks in the Dorset Council area for 2 hours each day. The permit costs £78 a year, which is £1.50 a week. The Council hopes to support local high streets as hubs of the communities they serve.
  2. The Live, Work & Play permit answers the need for flexibility for those who live and work in the Council area. Permit holders can use most of the long and short stay car parks in the area with respective time restrictions staying in force. Residents and non-residents can purchase the Live, Work & Play permit for £260 a year, which is about £5 a week.

Dorset Council plans to increase existing car parking charges to finance the two new permits. Therefore, this will mainly affect tourist destinations during peak season, where prices will get aligned with other comparable areas in the South West of England.

The new charges and permits will get introduced in January 2022, given the approval of these in early November 2021.

Article published first at LymeOnline on 18th of August 2021.



Publication date
1 September 2021
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  • United Kingdom