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News article29 April 20241 min read

Designing stations of the future: UITP report explores

In November 2023, the International Association of Public Transport (UITP) and partner KONE published a report investigating how stations are evolving, and can be designed or adapted to reflect their central importance in mobility and our society.

The design of stations is important to ensure they accommodate all types of travellers, satisfy multiple functions, and reflect and connect with the surrounding city and other services. The adaptation of existing station designs is necessary to incorporate sustainability, safety and accessibility throughout, whilst accommodating greater capacity as transport behaviours shift towards public transport and multi-modal travel.

In this context, UITP and KONE undertook the 'Stations of the Future' project to investigate how stations are changing and can be designed or adapted to best foster their central place in our society. The project was split into three studies:

  1. The first study covered societal, technological and economical challenges and trends facing station design in a post-pandemic world.
  2. The second study focussed on the solutions and best-practice examples of station design in order to allow public transport networks to meet the changing needs of passengers.
  3. The third study collated the findings from the first two reports into a final report publication.

Several recommendations for transport and urban planners and developers were identified, including the need for seamless last mile connectivity between transport modes, prioritising inclusivity and accessibility in design, and preserving a connection with the surrounding city and heritage of the area.

UITP and KONE also developed a project website to allow people working or interested in the public transport sector to explore the different needs and solutions for three archetypal users of stations through interactive station designs.

The final published report with full findings and recommendations can be accessed on the UITP website here: How to make stations lively hubs for citizens and public transport users: Solutions | UITP



Publication date
29 April 2024
  • Intermodality
  • Policy and research
  • Urban mobility planning
  • Europe-wide