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News article23 April 20181 min read

Denmark anticipates societal trends, new technology and disruptive business models

A Danish expert group, set up by Transport Minister Ole Birk Olesen, has issued a report on how Danish mobility policy should anticipate new disruptive developments.

The report, Mobilitet for Fremtiden (Mobility for the Future) discusses new technology and business models, e.g. automation, driverless cars and shared mobility. It also looks into the effects of societal and demographic developments, such as further urbanisation, economic growth, population growth, an aging population and new family forms.

The report emphasises the curbing of congestion. Increased traffic and congestion will be characterised by large geographical differences and will be a major challenge in and between Denmark’s largest cities. Its main causes are economic growth, population growth and continued urbanisation. A projection for 2030 indicates a growth of privately owned vehicles of 16% compared to 2015, while road freight is expected to grow by 12%.

Find the report Mobilitet for Fremtiden here (190 pages, available in Danish)



Publication date
23 April 2018
  • Policy and research
  • Denmark