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News article24 August 20231 min read

Cyprus introduces inaugural fleet of electric buses

During July, Cyprus Public Transport introduced its inaugural fleet of electric buses, integrating them into their existing vehicle line-up to initiate service on various routes. The primary objective of this initiative is to bolster the drive for environmentally sustainable and ecologically friendly public transportation options.

A press statement from Cyprus Public Transport outlined that these newly introduced Yutong electric buses, measuring 12 metres in length and accommodating a maximum of 80 passengers, encompass accessible features such as priority seating and a designated area for wheelchair passengers.

The adoption of electric buses aligns with the Ministry of Transport Communications and Works' commitment to providing eco-conscious and sustainable public transportation choices, along with alternate means of travel.

During the press conference for the unveiling, Alexis Vafeades, Minister of Transport Communications and Works, outlined how the utilisation of electric buses would play a pivotal role in curbing air and noise pollution on the roadways, thereby enhancing the overall quality of life for residents. Simultaneously, the incorporation of electric vehicles into the public transport infrastructure fosters the widespread adoption of renewable and clean energy sources.

Felipe Cosmen, Chairman of Cyprus Public Transport, articulated the company's long-term objectives of continually enhancing the attractiveness of public transportation and devising viable solutions that substantively bolster the ministry's endeavours to alleviate traffic congestion, particularly in Nicosia.

Furthermore, Cyprus Public Transport is actively exploring a collaborative project with the Ministry of Transport, Communications, and Works, focusing on the Mass Rapid Transit system. With the appropriate infrastructure and adequate resources, this system aims to facilitate the rapid, frequent, and comfortable movement of a substantial number of passengers from the GSP area to the city centre. The service's core objective is to elevate the demand for public transportation by offering more frequent and direct routes, thereby considerably mitigating traffic congestion.

In addition to these developments, the Minister revealed the imminent launch of the pilot program for Demand Responsive Transport (DRT). This program will initially cater to individuals with disabilities who already utilise public transportation. This service will enable them to pre-book bus rides for the following day, commuting conveniently from their nearest bus stop to their final destination and vice versa.




Publication date
24 August 2023
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