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News article7 June 20181 min read

Cycling infrastructure and road safety trainings - Learn it today. Apply it tomorrow.

Municipalities and regions worldwide increasingly struggle with problems concerning sustainability, the limits of their infrastructure and broad challenges concerning the quality of life. Governments need to act, and soon. New policies and strategies are needed to tackle these problems. However, in many cases they have little experience in topics such as sustainable mobility planning, effective road safety policies and designing a working cycling infrastructure.

Immerse yourself in the ‘Dutch experience’ 
Professionals working on solutions for traffic and transport challenges can benefit. The Netherlands is well known as the number one cycling country and its safe system design philosophy. Every Dutchman (and woman) owns at least one bicycle. Living in a densely populated country has also forced us to implement smart and effective strategies to keep our roads safe for all road users. We strongly believe that immersing yourself in the ‘Dutch experience’ helps professionals understand the underlying principles and the choices that have been made. That is why we offer training courses based in the Netherlands. 

Come home with direcly applicable knowledge and skills 
For these training courses, experts in various disciplines such as policy-making, planning, design, and safety have been brought together. The programme is designed on the concept of action learning. Concepts are explained by experienced trainers and guest speakers and supported by practical examples, observed in field trips, and applied in exercises. Field trips consist of visits to and observations in the cities of Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Breda. After five days of training, participants are ready to use what they’ve learned right away.  

More information 
The training course have been build on experiences in and results of European projects and platforms. Eltis and various CIVITAS projects included. DTV Capacity Building - a brand of Dutch-based traffic engineering consultancy DTV Consultants - has added to this its extensive educational experience to develop the trainings. Our mission for capacity building activities is to teach professionals in such way that they can apply to their own local situation the following day. 



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7 June 2018
  • Walking and cycling
  • Netherlands