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News article10 February 20221 min read

Cozywheels expands its shared mobility service to Flanders

The shared mobility service, Cozywheels, has expanded into the Flanders region, enabling more people to share vehicles with neighbours, friends or acquaintances. The service incentivises vehicle owners to share their modes of mobility by allowing the owner to charge a fixed price per kilometre on the usage of their car when they do not need it themselves. Simultaneously, the users of the vehicle are able to access the necessary transport at a favourable cost and only when they need it. The platform further facilitates the process by requiring all owners and users to create and enter subgroups to set rules, contracts and maintain insurance.

Shared mobility maximises the use of each vehicle, providing a variety of benefits. In the case of Cozywheels, these vehicles can be bikes, cars, vans and wheelchair friendly cars. One such benefit from maximising the use of each vehicle is decreasing the overall number of vehicles on the road, thereby increasing the flow of traffic and reducing the amount of time cars are sat idling and emitting greenhouse gases. Reducing reliance on personal vehicles also encourages users to seek other modes of transport when possible. The service was previously only available in the Brussels and Wallonia regions of Belgium.

The expansion of Cozywheels showcases the popularity of shared mobility initiatives and provides a successful story in its implementation.

For further information, visit the Cozywheels website.



Publication date
10 February 2022
  • Shared mobility
  • Belgium