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News article23 March 20231 min read

Commission to announce a European Declaration on Cycling

The European Commission is set to boost its support for cycling as a mode of transport with a new European Declaration on Cycling.

With cycling gaining importance in the EU, its numerous benefits call for a more decisive push from all levels of governance. Recently, the European Parliament adopted an ambitious resolution, and 14 Member States have already signed up to promote cycling.

The Executive Vice-President of European Commission, Frans Timmermans, announced in his speech at the Cycling Industries Europe Summit 2023 that, in a few months, the Commission will propose the new European Declaration on Cycling.

The Declaration will include easy-to-understand principles to boost cycling and guide future action at the EU level. It will also clarify in more detail how concrete rules and funding instruments will deliver to put these principles into practice.

The announced goal is to double the amount of safe cycling infrastructure across Europe, mobilizing all EU finance instruments. Cycling will also be prioritised in urban mobility strategies (SUMP), including helping to better connect cities with rural areas. The increasingly popular e-bikes have great potential to make this happen.

Additionally, the EU's focus on promoting the production and sale of bikes in Europe will have a positive impact on local jobs and the cycling industry.

Read the full speech here.



Publication date
23 March 2023
  • Walking and cycling
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