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EU Urban Mobility Observatory
News article28 May 20241 min read

CIVITAS New Mobility Services survey for scaleups and European cities

New Mobility Services (NMS) is forging stronger cities by deploying smart and sustainable new mobility services and solutions. It focuses on deployment opportunities, including by identifying deployment barriers and solutions to overcome them.

Tekkoo, in partnership with the CIVITAS New Mobility Services, is committed to enhancing the collaboration between mobility scale-ups and cities across Europe. Their focus is on identifying and addressing the specific challenges these ventures face in their efforts to work with urban areas. The mission is to drive innovation, overcome barriers, and accelerate the deployment of new mobility services.

To gain a comprehensive understanding of these challenges, they are conducting a Europe-wide survey

Your insights are invaluable—can you share your experiences?

To fill out the survey click here. All responses are anonymous.

Interested in learning more about the initiatives or joining their efforts? Get in touch:

Edwin Mermans: emermansatbrabant [dot] nl
Janneke Brouwer: jannekeattekkoo [dot] nl



Publication date
28 May 2024
  • Public and stakeholder involvement
  • Shared mobility
  • Europe-wide