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News article15 May 20232 min read

Call for Proposals for #ChallengeMyCity 2023

#ChallengeMyCity is a programme of EIT Urban Mobility and aims to bring European cities together with those who have market-ready innovative mobility solutions to enable those solutions to be tested in the hope that they will help the cities tackle their most pressing urban challenges. This is achieved by identifying and financially supporting the best solutions in a six-month pilot, which will evaluate their social, economic and environmental impacts, as well as exploring their long-term integration into the city's mobility strategy, in order to make mobility more sustainable and accessible for all. 

This year’s edition of #ChallengeMyCity is dedicated to the cities of Braga (Portugal), Larissa (Greece), Heraklion (Greece), and Vitoria-Gasteiz (Spain) and divided into different cut-off dates (see below). Each city has identified a set of mobility challenges and is seeking solutions from businesses and entrepreneurs who can provide innovative proposals to tackle these challenges. #ChallengeMyCity provides enterprises of all types and sizes that already have a market-ready solutions with the opportunity to grow their successful business ventures and scale up their products and services.  

There are a number of benefits for the selected solutions including: 

  • Up to €60 000 in funding to implement a six-month pilot in real conditions. 
  • Support for implementation from EIT Urban Mobility and city officers.  
  • Networking opportunities with public administration and other innovators.  
  • Promotion through the Mobility Innovation Marketplace by EIT Urban Mobility. 

Three projects will be chosen per city based on their listed challenges.

Lluis Puerto, Director of Market Development at EIT Urban Mobility: “#ChallengeMyCity is a service for European cities to test innovative mobility solutions that target their most urging needs and can be integrated into their long-term mobility strategy. We are certain, at EIT Urban Mobility, that testing innovative solutions and gathering feedback from citizens, allows both cities and companies to learn from these pilot experiences. The force behind this programme is to ease the process of procurement so that cities can benefit from ready-to-use innovations in the field of sustainable mobility.”  

Businesses and entrepreneurs are asked to submit their entries by the remaining cut-off dates:

- Larissa and Heraklion: 29 May 2023 at 17:00 CET

- Vitoria-Gasteiz: 15 June 2023 at 17:00 CET

Find out more about the Larissa and Heraklion challenges, as well as further details on the #ChallengeMyCity timelines, as well as how to submit on EIT Urban Mobility's webpage.

Article published first at EIT Urban Mobility.



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15 May 2023
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