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News article9 March 2022Brussels1 min read

Brussels pursues a car-free future

The Belgian capital Brussels has revealed plans to establish a largely car-free city centre. By doing this, the city is proving its commitment to leading the urban mobility transformation. The new plan will establish an essentially car-free centre in favour of more sustainable transport modes, using a citizen-focused approach.

The Belgian capital will introduce a low traffic zone within its inner ring road in order to tackle the issues associated with inner-city traffic congestion, such as air pollution, road safety and mental stress. The new traffic plan of Brussels, ''Good Move Pentagon", which comes into effect on 16 August 2022, will consist of one-way streets and limited-access zones to restrict car use through the city centre.

The objective is to redirect traffic away from certain neighbourhoods. Other concrete measures include improved bicycle infrastructure and parking, and a revamped bus, metro and tram plan, among others.

The plan follows the so-called STOP principle, which creates a hierarchy for modes of transport: prioritising pedestrians, bicycles, public transport and cars for the people who need them. It strives to make the city centre more accessible, healthier, and safer while working with local residents to deliver mobility frameworks that work for them.



Publication date
9 March 2022
  • Urban mobility planning
  • Belgium