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News article1 February 2022

Bike-sharing system in Nafplio includes bikes for those with reduced mobility

The Municipality of Nafplio, a coastal city in the Peloponnese in Greece, has published its plans to set up a public electric bicycle sharing scheme, which includes bikes designed for those with disabilities.

Nafplio is aiming to keep making progress towards sustainable mobility by developing and strengthening a shared network of electric and environmentally friendly vehicles. In early 2022, the city presented its project entitled "Sustainable micro-mobility through a system of public bicycles in the Municipality of Nafplio", which aims to supply, install and operate an integrated system for renting electric bicycles. The initiative is part of, and will be funded by, the Greek Operational Programme "Transport Infrastructure, Environment and Sustainable Development".

The project will put in place 36 public shared electric bicycles, as well as 2 shared electric bicycles for people with disabilities. It also involves the installation of a complete network of support services that will include rental terminals and shared locking stations (which can automatically charge the bicycle's battery while it is locked), as well as a complete programme for managing and monitoring the operation of the rental system. The electric bicycles are connected to a GPS system and will be accessible easily by residents and visitors through a dedicated app for smartphones. The budget of the project is €310.000.

The aim of the initiative is to develop and strengthen the city's shared network of electric and environmentally friendly vehicles which, in synergy with other interventions, will create a comprehensive and functional set of services and facilities that will contribute to improving mobility and promoting sustainable and inclusive mobility within the city.



Publication date
1 February 2022
Transport for people with reduced mobility