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News article27 September 20221 min read

Berlin will increase parking fees in 2023

For the first time in more than 15 years, the Senate of Berlin intends to increase the parking fees in the German capital.

The current pricing levels are structured in 3 steps where drivers need to pay €1, €2 or €3 per hour depending on the location in the metered areas. From 1 January 2023, €1 will be added to each of the price levels, with parking subsequently costing €2, €3 and €4 per hour, so the minimum cost for parking in the city will double.

These parking fees do not apply to motorbikes and other two-wheeled vehicles, such as bicycles and electric scooters. Price levels for residential parking permits are also supposed to increase, although the new price levels for these have not yet been agreed. In order to help drivers park, Berlin makes use of a mobile phone parking service and encourages car sharing operators and other vehicle rental services to use this service by allowing their customers to have reductions on the cost of parking compared to the standard parking price.

The Senate of Berlin intends to support the transition to sustainable mobility use with this move. Other core objectives are better road safety, less air pollution and less noise. Berlin is following the example of Munich, where parking fees were doubled earlier in 2022 to reduce parking pressure in metered areas and increase income from parking for the city budget.



Publication date
27 September 2022
  • Traffic and demand management
  • Germany