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News article10 November 2022Barcelona1 min read

Barcelona updates its Urban Mobility Plan 2024

Barcelona is one of the most active EU metropoles pushing the shift to sustainable urban mobility. It has been recently been updating its Urban Mobility Plan 2024, aiming for a modal split of 80% sustainable modes by 2024. The plan works to provide universal access in the city, making use of healthy and sustainable transport modes like walking, public transport, cycling and other personal mobility vehicles. The five main areas are safe mobility, sustainable mobility, healthy mobility, equal mobility and smart mobility, set out in 62 lines of action with more than 300 measures.

The recent update of the plan integrated 84% of all suggestions handed in during the revision process. The main changes are:

  • Walking: accelerate the reduction rate of accidents, strengthen the gender perspective in walking as well as improving traffic light signalling.
  • Public transport: more intensive cooperation with other administrations to improve intermunicipal public transport services and complementary services and routes in the bus network alongside new accessibility objectives for public transport stops.
  • Cycling and other personal mobility vehicles: improving traffic light signalling for cyclists, better connection of the city’s cycling network with the regional network, improving bicycle parking in safety aspects as well as extending shared mobility services to the metropolitan level.
  • Motorised private vehicles: complete the low emission zone and conduct studies for complementing measures, full implementation of 30km/h speed limits in the city as well as integrating the plan’s measures with the city’s parking strategy to drive modal choices to public transport.

The revised Urban Mobility Plan 2024 is subject to a final approval by the Barcelona City Council and has already been acknowledged by the Metropolitan Transport Authority and the Government of Catalonia.



Publication date
10 November 2022
  • Urban mobility planning
  • Spain