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News article14 March 20221 min read

Austrian Post to only purchase zero-emission vehicles

Austrian Post, the national postal service in Austria, has announced that it is to stop purchasing fossil-fuelled vehicles, and that it will instead develop its vehicle fleet with only electric vehicles. This policy was to be implemented in 2023, although has been brought forward due to the expansion of the number of electric vehicles on the market.

This latest development builds on an already strong vision that is being implemented by the national postal service. In March 2021, Austrian Post set a target to decarbonise its last-mile service by 2030. This target has now been expanded to cover all vehicles used for deliveries. By August 2021, the service was already only using electric vehicles in its vehicle fleet in Graz. Additionally, Austrian Post claimed that it was already able to provide 90% of its delivery zones with an electric fleet.

The service's procurement of electric vehicles for its postal fleet will aim to buy 800 electric vehicles in 2022 and up to 1,300 vehicles in 2023. These vehicles will join an existing 2,500 electric vehicles that are already being used by Austrian Post, consisting of 1,100 e-bikes, e-cargo bikes, electric mopeds and e-trikes, as well as almost 1,400 electric vans. These last-mile vehicles are to be joined by 2,000 fuel cell electric vehicles by 2030.

It is clear that Austrian Post is now delivering on its strong ambition that was declared last year, which demonstrates what can be achieved where there is a strong commitment to decarbonising services and achieving decarbonisation by 2030.

The original article was posted on the Electrive website on 2 March 2022.



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14 March 2022
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