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News article19 October 20231 min read

Amsterdam prepares drivers for the introduction of 30 km/h speed limit

Currently the general speed limit in Amsterdam is 50 km/h. However, as of 8 December 2023 this will largely change, with 80% of the streets becoming 30 km/h zones.

To ease the transition to the new speed limit, Amsterdam have started an information campaign by placing road signs in the affected streets stating “December 8, 30 km/h here”. These announcements has been implemented using stickers that will be removed with the start of the new rule. The idea is to allow drivers to become accustomed to the new speed limit by December.

The local government are to also carry out changes to the traffic lanes. Special public transport lanes are to be created and separated from general traffic lanes by ledges, but the speed limit for these will remain at 50 km/h.

Amsterdam’s motivation for the roll-out of 30 km/h zones is to increase road safety and reduce traffic noise:

  • A speed limit of 30 km/h is an effective measure for road safety, since braking distances of cars are half at 30 km/h (approximately 13 metres) to that of 50 km/h (approximately 27 metres).
  • Collisions with pedestrians at 30 km/h are fatal in 1 out of 20 cases.

The city have also published information, argumentation and a map of the streets affected on its website here.

Article published first at on 2 October 2023.



Publication date
19 October 2023
  • Safety and urban mobility
  • Traffic and demand management
  • Netherlands