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News article5 June 20201 min read

Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Directive - Open public Consultation

Following the policy ambition set out by the European Green Deal for the EU to become a climate neutral economy by 2050, transport emissions have to decrease by 90% by that year. Fuels decarbonisation and the deployment of adequate alternative fuels infrastructure are key necessities in this context. In that respect, the Directive on the deployment of alternative fuels infrastructure (2014/94/EU) aims at providing a common framework for the deployment of such infrastructure.

The European Commission is inviting the general public and stakeholders to express their opinion and share information on the impact of the existing Directive as well as on possible additional policy measures for its revision and their expected potential impacts.

The Open Public Consultation (OPC) feedback period ends on 29 June 2020.

It can be accessed here:



Publication date
5 June 2020
  • Clean and energy-efficient vehicles
  • Public and stakeholder involvement
  • Europe-wide